Doing 10 minutes of foot massage everyday will relax your feet, get your tiredness away and make you feel better.

How to do foot exercise:

1 Keep one foot on the floor and bend the other foot by lifting your heel. You should put your weight on the foot that is stepping on the floor. You need to bend the other foot by picking up from the heels in a right angle and then tiptoe your foot. These exercises are repeated 6 times for each foot.

2 First of all you place on of your feet on top of a book where the toes hand from the end. Then the hanging toes are bent for 2 seconds and up for 2 seconds. This exercise is done 10 times for each foot.

3 Extend the legs forward. First you need to pull your toes up and then down. Then move your toes up and down. This exercise is repeated 10 times for each foot.

4 Lay your feet forward and make in and out movements with your feet.