Your feet is made up of 26 bones, 107 tissues 19 muscles, 250 sweat glands and 7200 nerve ends. Especially underneath the foot there are thousands of nerve ends and when massage is done underneath the foot you can awake the whole body. Regular foot massage will make the feet healthy and flexible. It will relax and awaken the person.

How to do foot massage:

1 First of all, squeeze the feet between two hands and start massaging. Massage all the way up to the ankles. Afterwards you will do the same for the other foot.

2 First of all you need to grab the big toe while holding the feet up. You will massage going up the toes. Afterwards you will do the same for other foot.

3 You need to push and pull every toe left to right, up and down.

4 You need to grab ever toes wih one hand and stretch them front and back.

5 Keeping the feet upwards massage all the joints.

6 Grabbing under the feet and keeping one thumb on top of the other, press firmly. Apply this step to the whole bottom of the feet.

7 While keeping one hand on top of the foot, rub gently with the other hand under the foot.

8 While pushing the toes forward you need to hit under the feet with the other hand soft and firmly.

9 You need to put your both hands on top of the feet and hit them firmly on top of the feet.

10 Towards the end of the massage rub the feet. From the heels towards to the toes you need to rub the feet and leave the feet from the toes.