Reflexology Massage

The reflex points are determined on the feet. These reflex points symbolize the organs within the body. These reflexes allow the organs to be connected to the energy channels, zones and meridians. When the body is sick or there is an unbalance in the body the opposite energy channels gets blocked. The reflexology massage aims to opens up the clogged channels. Therefore allowing the energy to flow again and have the body get back to its balance.

The right foot symbolizes the left side of the body and left foot symbolizes the right side of the body. The reflexology massage sends signals to the brain by applying pressure to the feet with hands. By doing this the body gets stronger and recovers itself.

Reflexology massage allows the person to feel better physically, emotionally and spiritually in person. Also it recovers the person's natural balance. If the treatment of reflexology is done by a trained professional the end results will be the most. Reflexology will only be effective if its done regularly.


There are 5 types of technique for reflexology massage. Big toe movement, toe movement, rubbing movement, padding movement and squeezing movement.


Can I apply the peeling cream to my feet if I have a wound on my feet?

The peeling cream is used for peeling of the dead layer of skin. If you have a wound on your feet, this peeling process will irritate the wound. We do not advise to use the peeling cream.

How often should I use the Cracked Heel Cream?

We recommend that you use the cracked heel cream morning and night, twice a day.

What is Shea Butter? What is it used for?

Shea butter is an oil that contains many main elements within its structure. It grows on Shea pistachio tree. It is the seed of plum looking fruit. Due to its vitamin A, E and F containing structure, it is a very good moisturizer and softener. It softens and moisturizes the dry skin immediately. Due to these vitamins compared to the other oils, it is absorbed faster and does not leave and oily look where applied.

How often do we need to do the peeling?

Peeling application is peeling off the dry skin. Depending upon the need you may apply either every 2 weeks or once every week.

Do I need to wash my feet after I apply the Foot and Leg Calming Gel?

No, you do not need to wash your feet after applying the gel. This gel will keep the moisture within your skin longer while soothing your tired feet and legs.

How long does it take for Feet and Leg Calming Gel to penetrate?

The menthol including formula within Feet and Leg Calming Gel will penetrate to your skin quickly and last long time.

How does the calming effect happen in Feet and Leg Calming Gel?

Feet and Leg Calming Gel's herbal oil, Vitamin B, menthol and horsechestnut including formula will make your feet and legs look live, give energy and relaxation.

Can you use big toe bone protector within the shoes?

Of course, they can be used within shoes. The purpose of the big toe bone protector is to relieve the pain that is caused by your shoes and socks within the shoes.

How often do I need to change the corn protection pads?

You can use the corn protection pads until they rub off or come during shower.

Is big toe bone protector washable?

Yes, due to its silicone gel structure you can wash and reuse the big toe bone protectors.

Is shoe pad washable?

Yes, due to its gel structure, shoe pads are washable and reusable.

On blister plaster's box it mentions "special structure". What does this mean?

Our blister plaster has a hydrocolloid structure. Hydrocolloid, when in contact with water becomes gel form. Plasters that have this quality absorb the infections within. They are water-proof and will protect against microbes.

Can the shoe pad be used on open toe sandals?

Yes they can be used. Our shoe pad has a transparent gel structure which makes it invisible from outside. You may wear it with open toe sandals and high heels.