Foot Doctor Blister Plaster (5 pieces)

Due to wrong shoe selection, sweating feet and slipping of the feet within your shoes cause problems and irritation on the back of your heels. Due to this friction, blisters cause pain on your feet. These blisters are protected with these hydrocolloid plasters. Hydrocolloid is a gel forming structure when contacted with water. Plasters that are made with this traps the infections. It does not absorb water inside. Water-resistant and it protects the blisters from getting viruses.

Foot Doctor Blister Plaster, gives protection against friction and blisters that are caused by wrong shoe selection. It prevents pressure in the problematic area. Its hydrocolloid structure creates the perfect conditions for the blisters to recover.

Use: Carefully clean the blister that occurred from the pinching of your shoes. Peel of the sticker on the back of Foot Doctor Blister Plaster. Stick the plasters on the affected area and make sure that the hydrocolloid structure is placed on the blister. When the Plaster is peeled off itself apply a new plaster. Place it in dry and cool area.

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