Foot Doctor Feet and Leg Calming Gel

Our feet and legs carry our body's weight all day long. When we add the other factors like excess body weight, circulatory problems and standing up all day long, our poorly groomed feet loses its energy and gets even more tired.

Foot Doctor Feet and Leg Calming Gel, with its NMF containing formula gives a refreshing effect, while making feet and legs more relaxed. In regular use it will help your skin to recover its desired moisture level. Its powerful formula will make your feet and legs live, energetic and fresh. You will feel refreshed after you use the Foot Doctor Feet and Leg Calming Gel. While It will help you start your day relaxed; it will also take away your stress at nights.

  • NMF (Natural Moisturising Factor)
  • Horse chestnut: Helps increase the blood flow. Due to this it decreases the tiredness caused by standing up all day long.
  • Menthol: Gives fresh feeling.
  • Menthyl PCA: Keeps the fresh feeling that Menthol supplies last long.

Use: Massage the Foot Doctor Feet and Leg Calming Gel to your feet and legs regularly. You may use it anytime you feel the need.

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