Foot Doctor Odor Removing Foot Deodorant

Wrong shoe selection, working out for a long time wearing closed toe snickers, and hormonal factors cause feet to sweat. This sweating causes odor and problems on your feet.

Foot Doctor Odor Removing Foot Deodorant, due to its scents within, will give your feet a nice smell, protects the freshness of your feet and takes care of the feet. You will be able to wear your shoes without waiting for it to dry due to its fart drying formula.

  • Antiperspirant formula: reduces the odor within the feet and odor caused by sweating. It will prevent your feet to sweat within your shoes and prevents problems that may occur on your feet.

Use: After shaking the deodorant, spray 15cm away from your feet. For extra protection, you can also spray into your shoes. You may use daily or as desired.

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