Foot Doctor Corn Protection Pad (Between and on the toes)

Friction and pressure occurs between the toes due to wrong shoe selection and wearing tight shoes. As a result of this the skin hardens in order to protect itself. This white or yellow skin layer is called corn. Corns can be just a hardening but also very painful as well.

Foot Doctor Corn Protection Pad, due to its strong formula, will allow your feet to stay dry all day long and have a nice odor. It will prevent the irritation that occurs due to tight shoes and friction within the shoes. Its menthol including formula will give you comfort and will make you feel fresh all day long.

  • Menthol: gives fresh feeling and nice smell
  • Antiperspirant formula: It reduces the sweating and bad odors caused by sweating. It will prevent your feet to sweat and prevents the potential problems with your feet.

Use: apply to dry and clean feet.

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