Foot Doctor Moisturizing Foot Cream

During the summer months our feet gets air due to open toe sandals and shoes, however during the winter months thick socks, boots and tight shoes does not allow the air to get to our feet, causing dryness and roughness.

Foot Doctor Moisturizing Foot Cream, due to its NMF content within its formula transfers the moisture from the inner layer of your skin to the outer layer while trapping the moisture in the air. Allows the skin to stay moisturizes and maintains for a long time. This moisturizing effect creates the renewal period that the skin needs, softens, and takes away the hardness. It makes the skin look shiny, soft, live and elasticized.

Its specially generated formula avoids skin to harden and crack. Due to the vitamin E within its formula, in regular use it will recover skin's hardness.

  • NMF (Natural Moisturising Factor)
  • Vitamin E: Helps rejuvenate the skin. Due to its moisturizing effect, prevents the dry skin to peel off.

Use: You may apply the Foot Doctor Moisturizing Foot Cream to your legs and heels, especially to the bases of the toes by massaging. In order to get the best results you may use Foot Doctor Peeling Cream to get rid of dead skins.

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