Foot Doctor Peeling Cream

Dead skin can be found on our feet just like it appears on our face and legs. In order to make the moisturizing creams more effective and to have healthy feet we have to get rid of these dead skins.

Foot Doctor Peeling Cream is made up of apricot seed which gives pumice effect smooth results. It helps you to get new silky smooth skin. Due to its specially formulated formula with olive oil, you will be able to cleanse the dead skin of your feet without damaging the new skin. By doing this your feet's skin will be healthy, shiny, elastic and smooth. After the Peeling process you may use Foot Doctor Moisturizing Cream to complete your care.

  • Apricot Seed: Gets rid of dead skin by creating a pumice look on the skin.
  • Olive oil: Contains natural antioxidants. These antioxidants protect against the damaging effects that the free radicals cause on skin.

Use: Apply Foot Doctor Peeling cream on your feet. Rub in the cream by massaging. The small particles within the cream will help you get rid of dead skin. In order to get the best results you may apply Foot Doctor Moisturizing cream after peeling for having soft feet.

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