Foot Doctor Sos Cracked Heel Cream

For highly cracked heels; Foot Doctor S.O.S Cracked Heel Cream helps to renew the skin from dead cells and moisturises it. Its double effective formula softens the dry and highly damaged feet. Its specially formulated formula and the essential oils within helps to soften the feet and deeply moisturises the feet. After regular daily application you will be able to prevent your heels from cracking.

What's Included ?

  • Salicylic Acid: Helps to remove the dry and hard skin.
  • Urea: helps the skin to recover its moisture back.
  • Glycerin: protects skins moisture balance.
  • Essential oils: helps the skin to renew its healthy look.

Directions for use: wash and dry your feet with warm water before use. Apply large amount of cream on the skin and massage it. To get quick and effective results use on your heels regularly.

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