Foot Doctor Heel Spur Protector (36-42 and 43-47 size)

The people who are overweight and who has to stand up all day long has irritations within their heels. As time goes by this area calcifies and looks like a thorn. When they wake up in the morning people feels pain on their heels. This pain will be gone after they walk for awhile but if they stand up all day or go for a walk this pain comes back increasingly.

Foot Doctor Heel Spur Protector is made up of latex heel pad which will reduce pressure that occurs from heel skin to get rough and irritated. It cuts the contact of your shoes and heels which gives comfort. It will give you comfort to your sensitive and tired heels.

Use: Take the middle part of the Heel Spur Protector. Place the Pads in your shoes and make sure that the hole is aligned with your Heel Spur.

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